To those people who have never tried it, online dating can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect….  The press often focus on some of the more negative aspects – the horror stories and cringe-worthy experiences – that are enough to make anybody think twice about online dating.

But you savvy people who are looking for love online know differently, and here’s why:

Around 39% of online dating site users are looking for long-term relationships or marriage in 2018. There’s also a consistent trend where couples who meet over the internet get married faster than those who meet organically and are even more likely to stay together in the long term.

But why do dating sites speed the process up? It’s simple really, people don’t show up on a dating website by mistake. The people you fall in love with in your day to day life may not be looking to date or for a serious relationship, but dating sites make it easy to filter your preferences so you can be matched with others who want the same thing. The reason these relationships are likely to last longer is thanks to these same compatibility algorithms, which are actually a lot more reliable than most folks give credit for. Couples can be matched not just based on their preferences for marriage, but with consideration to their personalities as well, which is great news if you’re a relationship-oriented member of a dating website.

Of course, it’s easy to look at statistics and say; “yeah well, it’s not really <i>that</i> black and white.” And we understand that. It’s important to remember that you won’t just create a profile and be hit by Cupid’s Arrow. Equally, dating sites aren’t completely free of the risk of discourteous messages or a calamitous date, but the proof is in the pudding. Online dating is for everyone, both young and old, for those who are focused on their career, or those who are serious about seeking a partner and finding a family. As each year passes, online dating exceeds itself in popularity according to online polls and it’s predicted that as many as 50% of couples will meet online within the next 15 years.

At the end of it all, you’ll save a couple of quid as online dating is a lot cheaper than meeting people out and about. Plus there’s always a funny story or two to tell! Keep your head up, stay confident and be yourself. Just do you and the right partner will gravitate towards you naturally.