We all want that first date to be memorable and fun. Sadly, there is no magic formula for creating the perfect first date, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that your first date is a great one. Below we share five tips to help you have a great first date.

1. Make sure your date feels safe and comfortable

One of the most important things that you can do on a first date is to ensure that your date feels safe and comfortable. You may want to cook a meal for your date at your own home, and although this is a lovely and romantic idea, it’s probably better to book a table at your favourite restaurant. A first date should always be in public, and surrounded by others to provide a sense of security. 

2. Create space for conversation

That first date is all about getting to know each other. This is why it’s important to plan time and space for conversation. Going to a concert or a noisy karaoke bar are not good options, as you won’t be able to talk. Instead, opt for a trip to a local museum, or go for a walk in the park. You could go to the cinema, but make time for a visit to a coffee shop afterwards. 

3. Choose an affordable activity

To ensure that your first date is great, it’s important to keep things simple and fairly cheap. Even though you may have organised the date and insist on paying, your date may want to pay half, and you don’t want to cause any discomfort or embarrassment. So keep it simple and fairly cheap. Organise a picnic, go to the beach or even head to a local cafe. 

4. Choose something that you’ll both enjoy

Always plan a first date around your date’s likes and interests. Find out what they like to eat, what museums they enjoy visiting or if they like walking or hiking. Not only will this show that you have listened to them, but it will show that you are a caring and kind person. Do something that you’ll both enjoy and you’ll have a great time.

5. Remember to relax

Finally, remember that this is just a first date and your date will be just as nervous as you. Take your time, be honest and be yourself. Most of all, remember to have fun!