Dating and trying to find the right person is hard, but with plenty of success stories, it is possible. In today’s digital era, online dating is becoming more popular and socially acceptable. Here are three tips on giving yourself the best chance of succeeding.

1) Make sure you fill out your profile

Online Dating Tips

This may sound obvious, but some people either leave parts of their profile blank, or put off filling them in, then later they forget completely.

People could be looking at your profile, unsure of whether you might be a good match for them and rather than waste time messaging you to find out, they move onto the next profile. Other than your photo, what you say in your profile is the only impression a potential partner will have of you.

You need to share information about yourself; your hobbies and interests, what you want out of life and give a taste of your personality. And yes, a recent photo (or two) can be helpful too.

2) Be yourself

Online Dating Tips

Figuring out what to say in your profile can be a challenge, but the important thing is to be yourself. So if you make people laugh, be humourous in your profile, but don’t try to be someone you’re not if you’re not a naturally funny person.

If you’re caring, mention any interests or voluntary work that reflect this.

If you pretend to be something you’re not, it will only cause problems later and you may find yourself dating someone you’re not compatible with.

You’ll save time and increase your chances of finding your match by being yourself.

3) Decide where you’ll meet beforehand

Online Dating Tips

So you’ve created a profile, received messages and decided to meet someone in person. You’ll probably be nervous, but planning where you will meet and having an idea on what you will you be doing can help to ease those nerves a little bit.

You will both feel more comfortable knowing it’s a public place (make sure it is) and having an idea of what to wear. For example; if you’re going to be outside a lot, you don’t want to be wearing a thin coat in the middle of winter, or (for the women reading this) be wearing heels, only to find out your date has planned a long walk for the two of you.

For a first date, the best place is usually somewhere you can sit down and relax and get to know each other anyway.

Following these tips might not guarantee you will meet the one, but they can increase your chances. Good luck.